Text Analysis
for Oriental Languages

Discover our lemmatization, POS-tagging and morphological engine for Eastern and Classical Armenian, Old Georgian, Syriac and Ancient Greek.

Specific text analysis for Eastern and Classical Armenian, Old Georgian, Syriac, Ancient Greek thanks to the combinaison of our ruled-based and IA models.

Massive annotation of corpora

Calfa takes charge of the processing of your corpus, even if it contains millions of forms to be analysed.

Contextual annotation

Our IA engine backed by Calfa Dictionaries can analyse words in context for a precise and safe data annotation.

Scalable and multilevel solutions

Configure the engine to use specific tag sets, on different levels : lemma, part of speech, morphological.

Our partners


GREgORI Project

Softwares, linguistic data and tagged corpus for ancient GREek and ORIental languages.


Eastern Armenian National Corpus

EANC is a comprehensive linguistic database of annotated texts in Standard Eastern Armenian (SEA).



Digital Library of Armenian Literature of the American University of Armenia.



Text and Concordance of the 1895 Bible in Classical Armenian, with word-by-word grammatical parsing and English gloss.

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Chahan Vidal-Gorène, Victoria Khurshudyan, and Anaïd Donabédian. Recycling and Comparing Morphological Annotation Models for Armenian Diachronic-Variational Corpus Processing. in Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on NLP for Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects, pp. 90-101, Barcelona, Spain, Dec. 2020. International Committee on Computational Linguistics (ICCL).

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